About Us

Cinnamon’s Chocolates are featuring Guittard Chocolate Company’s highest quality, aged milk and dark chocolate, including a specialty dark chocolate from Venezuelan beans which tastes wonderful with wine. This chocolate is made in the French, rather than the Belgian tradition by a 5th generation, family owned and operated company. Some of their employees are not the first generation of their own family to work for the company. Guittard Chocolate Company use the traditional methods and equipment required to create the superior level of artisan chocolate that they produce. When someone asks why French, rather than Belgian, we answer that there is an abundance of Belgian available and we think this chocolate is the finest we’ve seen. The proof is in the tasting…

Cinnamon’s also uses Organic Cream from Avalon Dairy, which deepens the rich flavour of our caramels and buttercreams. The Orange Buttercream contains whole ground organic oranges in addition to a marriage of several natural orange flavours to achieve the best taste. Ingredients are obtained from where ever the best quality & most flavourful product is available. Pistachios from Turkey, Ginger & Orange Peel from Australia, First Grade Jumbo RedskinPeanuts from Virginia, Cashews from India are among the ingredients that come from many different parts of the world.

Tom, who in addition to his years of experience has been trained through courses in Belgium, Pennsylvania and California and is still teaching all over North America, and is enjoying the return to work with a small, hands on operation where there is satisfaction each day in fine chocolates produced. A unique feature of Cinnamon’s Chocolates is the viewing window where visitors can see what is happening in the kitchen. The Cinnamons’ envisioned a kind of “micro brewery” of chocolates and are pleased with the resulting interaction between the kitchen and visitors.