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The man, the company, the passion…
Through more than 30 years in the chocolate business, Master Confectioner Tom Cinnamon has gathered a wealth of knowledge about chocolate and candy making. In April of 2000, Tom & his wife Kathi began bringing that talent and experience to bear to in their own shop, Cinnamon’s Chocolates. Tom, Kathi and their staff make delicious home style, handmade chocolates and other confections from the freshest and finest ingredients available.

Tom has trained in Belgium, Pennsylvania, California, and Vancouver and has also taught and consulted around the world. But nothing beats the return to work with a small, hands-on operation where there is a deep and personal satisfaction each day that fine chocolates are produced.

Judge a chocolate by it’s cover…
What helps to make a Cinnamon’s chocolate different, better and special is Guittard Chocolate Company’s highest quality, aged milk and dark chocolate, as well as our single bean varietals. This chocolate is made in the French, rather than the Belgian tradition by a 5th generation, family owned and operated company. Some of Guittard’s employees are not the first generation of their own family to work for the company. Guittard employs the traditional methods and equipment required to create the superior level of artisan chocolate needed to compliment Cinnamon’s centres. Why French tradition, rather than Belgian? There is an abundance of Belgian available in Canada to the point of saturation and we think Guittard chocolate is the finest chocolate around. The proof is in the taste. In addition, we are experimenting with other individual chocolates as we discover ones that we are excited about. These originate from primarily from France, the Mediteranean and South America.

And by it’s content…
We use organic cream from Avalon Dairy, which deepens the rich flavour of our caramels and buttercreams. The Orange Buttercream contains whole ground organic oranges in addition to a marriage of several natural orange flavours to achieve the best taste. Ingredients are obtained from where ever the best quality & most flavourful product is available. Pistachios from Turkey, Ginger & Orange Peel from Australia, First Grade Jumbo Redskin Peanuts from Virginia, Cashews from India are among the ingredients that come from many different parts of the world. Yes we’re discriminating, but then, so are our customers.

Imagine a world without chocolate…
Certainly makes us shudder. Yet, for diabetics and low carb followers, it might as well be. Not if we can help it though. We have developed a line of our own no sugar added chocolates that are as delicious as the full sugar variety. The enthusiasm of our customers keeps us working on perfecting even more of these special treats.

Peep show…
A unique feature of Cinnamon’s Chocolates are the viewing windows where visitors can see what is happening in the kitchen. We envisioned a kind of “micro brewery” of chocolates and are pleased with the resulting interaction between the kitchen and visitors. We love what we’re doing and hope it shows in our work!

Our commitment is to put taste, quality, product innovation and customer service first and to create an environment for our staff that is respectful, fun & rewarding.

“The only thing better than a good friend, is a good friend with chocolate”….

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